Do you want to relax after months of stress and difficulties? Well, you should definitely come to Iceland. And especially to the brand new Sky Lagoon. The spa – opening on April 30th – is located only a few minutes away from downtown Reykjavik, around 15 minutes by car. No more need to drive for an hour to enjoy a moment of relaxation after visits or a hike. At Reykjavik Tourist Information, we had the chance to try it, and the experience was amazingly unique. 

When you first arrive there, you can discover a modern and pleasant structure, followed by a very warm welcome from the Sky Lagoon team. They offer two packages: both include the Sky Lagoon Admission, the complete 7 steps ritual (more details below), and towels. The difference between the two packages regards the changing rooms. You can choose either the Pure Pass for public changing facilities or the Sky Pass for private changing facilities including private showers. For the public space, shower cabins are available. The spa also provides access to people with reduced mobility.

Once you’re ready, you can discover the Lagoon…

The day we went there, it was all foggy: the atmosphere was indescribable. We felt like we were in a Game of Thrones scene – but obviously more relaxed and not afraid that any Lannister would show up. The warm geothermal water of the lagoon perfectly balanced the outside weather. As you’ll explore the different areas of the lagoon, you’ll notice that you can enjoy different temperatures, some warmer than others. You’ll be surrounded by dark grey rocks, greenery, steam, and even a waterfall. It’s like being in a luxurious Icelandic hot spring surrounded by nature. Then, after walking along in the lagoon, you might ask yourself: does the pool ever end? Well, the infinity edged pool offers a beautiful view of the ocean, making it look like the ocean is just an extension of the pool. The name Sky Lagoon comes from its location “where the ocean meets the sky”; once you get there, you understand why. This scenery is breathtaking: the old meets the new with traditional Icelandic landscapes mixed with a modern structure, the ocean view, the atmosphere. No matter the weather, you will for sure enjoy the journey. The place will also be perfect both for midnight sun (it’s coming!) during summer and to witness northern lights during winter. Could we ask for more? 

Well actually yes, there is more. While you’re enjoying the pool, you can also enjoy some drinks at the bar, which is also… in the pool. As you get closer to the bar, the water gets warmer, for a total relaxed feeling. It offers a wide range of choice, from beer to wine, champagne to cider, sodas, juices, and pretty much anything you desire. There you’ll meet other team members, all very pleasant to make you feel at your ease.

Not only were we amazed by Sky Lagoon’s incredible scenery, but also its unique wellness experience: the 7 steps ritual.

1. Once you feel all relaxed and warm after enjoying the lagoon, you can go to step 2 of the ritual: the cold plunge. 
2. In the cold pool, 10 seconds are recommended in order to wake up your senses (we can assure you it does), but the bravest can stay for up to 30 seconds. If you have sore muscles from hiking, you will definitely benefit from it.

3. Afterwards, you can enter the traditional Icelandic peat house where you can visit the sauna for 5 to 10 minutes to open your pores, remove toxins and cleanse your skin. One thing about the sauna: the view is breathtaking and you’ll feel like you could dive into the ocean.

4. Once you’re finished with the sauna, refresh in a cold fog mist. It feels like rain is slowly falling on your body. Surrounded by wood, you can easily imagine that you’re in the middle of nature. 
5. Then, you are prepared for what comes next: the Sky Body Scrub – a sea salt scrub mixed with different oils to exfoliate your skin. This spring-scent scrub will give your skin the softest feeling ever.

6. The sixth step is the steam room. This part of the ritual will once again open your skin so that the scrub’s elements are absorbed. Clear your sinuses and massage your skin before leaving and you’ll be ready for the final step: shower and relax again in the warm geothermal water. 
7. After this whole ritual, you can go back into the lagoon. Feel how relaxed your body is, breathe and enjoy.

Promise kept: your mind, body and spirit are connected. These steps, inspired by the country’s culture since Icelanders have done wellness rituals for centuries, will lead to deep relaxation and wellbeing – inside and out.  Before leaving, enjoy the restaurant and its local delicious food for a complete authentic experience.

Do you want to experience this heaven on earth only a few minutes away from the city center? You can book on the Sky Lagoon’s website: https://bookings.skylagoon.com/ or you can join one of our Golden Circle with the Sky Lagoon included.

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